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Monday, December 5, 2011


hey everyone.

yes, my weight is normal lol. i actually don´t know how much i weigh, but i know i´m a lot better. i haven´t had time to get to a pharmacy to weigh myself. our baptisms are for dec 17. transfers are the 19, i have no idea or inclination if i´m staying or going. i would like to stay. i feel like i have more work to do here. and so close to christmas, it would be good to stay so i can spend the holidays with families i know. so for the call on christmas, i might be able to skype you! we might go to a members house and skype with you guys instead of a phone call. i´m not sure at what time we would be doing it yet. what time do you guys have church? still at one? is it just sacrement because it´s christmas? that´s what we´re doing, just sacrement. lemme know kk?
i got the packages. thanks!! they were so nice. a couple things, the jump drives are too small. even together they´re barely one gigabyte. and i already have one gigabyte of pictures on my camera. i´m thinking i will need at leat 8, it would be nice to have two 8 GB jump drives if at all possible when you can send another package. also the mcdonalds gift cards on the back say only for participating US franchises. so we´re thinking they won´t work here... we can try, but i´ll probably just end up giving them all to elder mcgary seeing as how he is going home in january. but everything was super thoughtful, thank you.
that´s too bad you´re sick dad! i fell ya, hang in there. what do you have? itll be a really fun time to go to the Vegas with the daltons. i was just thinking about them the other day, and remembering our last trip to mexico, and wondering how better i could speak with mexicanos. lol. argentines speak a little differently. they fluctuate their voice a lot. all the people from the u.s. say they are singing their spanish, and they do.
yeah im taking good care of myself. we went to varela for lunch today. i broke down and got a hamburger. it was soooo good. it had a fried egg and ham on it too. yummmm. it just needed a pineapple, bacon, and some terryoki sauce!
and for your quetion dad, yeah we usually just eat lunch. i eat a yogurt in the mornings, and lately some crackers with your peanut butter you sent. mmmmm. and then we eat lunch with members, and then usually nothing for dinner. sometimes if a member is cooking when we´re visiting or an investigator, or treats or something every now and then. or if i´m starving i´ll make an egg or something. we don´t eat too much. i miss everyone so much! the holidays are harder when everyone i talking and teaching about family and planning family vacations. this is the last week of school for the kids here. then it´s summer vacation until march i think. january is going to be a hard month, everyone is traveling. unless i get transferred to the coast, then i´ll be buuuusssssyyyy becasue that´s where everyone will travel to! but itll just be a lot of tracting and stuff and taking names and stuff to give to the offices because most people don´t live in the coast cities, just visit.
yeah our zone conference with elder aiutukitus (i have no idea how to spell his name) went pretty well. he did kind of drop the cane a little bit and told us all that if we don´t get the mission standard number wise each week then we´re not working. which is super hard to do. but he says it´s possible, so we´ll work harder.
did you get my scripture? 3 nephi 5:13. i like that one about missionaries. i found that one here. my goal right now is to read all of the scripture. i´m almost finished with doctrine and covenants. i already read the book of mormon. now on to the pearl of great price and then... the old testament. lol. we´ll see if i can do it. i don´t think i ever made it past deuteronomy in seminary. that was a hard book for me to read. but i heard just make it to psalms and songs of solomen and it gets better. sunday morning we were taking the bus to go get some families for church, and these drunk guys got angry at the driver and punched out all the windows in the back door. lol. argentina is crazy. it didn´t even phase me. i´m not sure if that´s the missionary in me with a purpose, or if i´m just used to seeing those kinds of things happening lol. elder smoot and i were talking and we realized things that happen like that that would be a big deal normally, just don´t even phase us. lol. we just go on with life. lol.
i said a phrase that i thought had no second meaning to our recent baptism family, and yeah... it has a second meaning... a bad one. lol. so the mom jokingly called me a bad word cause she knew i had no idea what i actually said. lol. it was really funny. i keep saying this, but i can see my spanish improving. maybe one day i will feel like i have it :) supposedly less then two months, and ill have some kind of control of the language. it´s hard. in all conferences and stuff they say the only way to be a good missionary is to listen to their needs and stuff, but i can´t do that if i have no idea what they´re saying. but it´s getting a lot better. it´s weird to think in two weeks, i won´t be classified as a new missionary. but im excited. i just don´t feel like i´m good enough yet! lol. i´m sure everyone feels like that hough. i just want to speak, and teach better. but with time i guess.
oh today in varela, a drunk guy came up to me and he said you´re a yankee, give me money, and sometimes the drunk guys are scary cause you have no idea what theyll do, but if you play your cards right, you just talk them out of it. lol smoot and i totally changed the subject from him determined to leave with our money to tlaking about what soccer team he is for. lol. it was really funny. and then he shook our hands as we walked off. and being a u.s. missionary, everyone here always tries to say hello in english as we walk by. this same girl every week runs into us in varela and comes up and says hello, how are you, my name is barbie, bye bye. lol. i either respond to them, sometimes i just don´t respond, or sometimes i just start talking in english until they give up and walk away lol. sometimes it´s annoying. but yeah.
all is well! it is stinking hot. all day and all night. thanks for the garments, ill be a lot cooler. did you ever hear what happened to eric lucenko? did he make it to brazil? or get a new call? and i heard amber got a new calling in the ward that will be good for her. and she is turning in her mission papers in 2 months! that´s awesome. and ali for sure decided she wants to serve too. thatll be super good. but now i won´t see them for a long time! lol that´s okay. i know how important this work is.
i´m trying to remember what else happened this week...
oh yeah! so there is an area way away from everything that we go to once a week because it´s so far, and last friday (we were there thursday) a little girl was murdered at the school there. so sad.
and on saturday night, after we left maria, gabriel, and aymara´s house, 20 min after we left there was a gun fight two blocks away on the street we walk home on every night. a guy got mad at his friend and they starting shooting each other. i don´t think anyone died though, i didn´t understand the last part of the story. anyway, it´s just so weird all this stuff happens around is, but we seem to always be safe. i know that my work is important, and i have more to do, so i´ll be safe until my work is done. but if my work is done here, there is still another place on the other side that has a lot of work to do, so i´ll go where he wants me to go. but dont worry :) we´re safe. we watch out and stuff. we don´t go looking for anything.

well im off!

chao chao

elder gardner

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