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Monday, November 28, 2011


HEy guys!!!

all is well :) i´m all better and out and working, sweat and all. i was very tired at the beginning of the week, as expected for laying down for 6 days, and had a little uncomfort but i feel fine now. this last week was great. we went on exchanges with the district leader and his companion which happens to be my mtc companion elder mcquivey, he´s in my district and i see him all the time. so i spent 24 hours with elder mcq in his area called mayol, just across the street from my area and the district leader went with elder mcgary in our area. it was a fun day to be with another companion for a little bit. we learned some new things and some better techniques so we improved a lot of things this week and had some great numbers. we took out 6 new baptism dates this week. the standard is 2 so we felt really good about that. yeah, almost always when there are transfers you miss baptisms, right now we have 13 baptisms planned. 9 are from one family. their date we set for the 17 of dec so hopefully we can get through with it before transfers so if one of us gets transferred. but who knows i could stay and mcgary could go, or vice versa, or we could both stay! but i love that family. they´re awesome. yesterday was aymara´s birthday. they had a big bash and invited us. we had empanadas galore and asado (it´s like barbeque) it was delicious. today we played soccer again at a close by church. seems to be our pday activity. maybe i´ll be good at soccer by the end of two years! lol. this week our area 70 comes. he has a really strong reputation of droping the cane for improvement. he just left the west mission and rumor has it he sent 2 missionaries home. he comes on thursday. we´re all pretty nervous for that. hopefully there are no calls thursday evening!!! lol. nah i´m not toooo worried, a little bit yes.
i´m glad kc was fun! i miss everyone. thanksgiving wasn´t too fun for us. we had spaghetti for lunch lol at a members home. it was pretty good. but not peegerds turkey ´m sure. miss ya´ll so much during these holidays. my weight is doing fine, i´m back to eating normal so all is well. my stomach is still a little off, but it´s just trying to adjust and get back to usual.
it´s so hot. well, it´s so humid. the heat isn´t too bad. we are just sweaty 24/7. and no air conditioning. but that´s okay, i´m almost used to it! lol. just nights are a little rough.
well gotta run! love you guys so much. we´ll tlak to you next week!!!

love ya guys. thank you for everything. especially this oppurtunity to serve.

elder gardner

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