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Monday, December 12, 2011



yeah, i´m not thinking our baptisms will work out this week. we´re trying, but people keep falling. missionary work is hard. this family was so close, and so prepared by god. we have been trying a lot of things, but they´re just not complying and falling hard. it´s sad to see, and i wish i could do more. but everyone has their agency. its sad.
and stop worrying about my weight! i promise i eat a lot!!!1 i eat yogurt, and peanut butter crackers every morning (thanks to your peanut butter) and then for example yesterday, we had two lunches, and i ate left over pizza from our branch christmas party. i´m eating just fine. lately members havebeen feeding us a lot lately. and wehave a lot of offers. so don´t worry. we eat a lot. :)
 let´s go to san carlos. lol. even right now, i could get us around lol. i still have a lot of improvements to make with the language... but i´m getting more comfortable with speaking. it´s just always understand people that is soooo hard. and widening my vocabulary usage. i always seem to use the same words. which gets my point across... but i need improvement.
yeah i have no idea what to do about the calling you guys thing. it depends on where i am. if i get transferred, itll probably just be a phone call. and i don´t know if i can have a back up plan if we do skype because we´ll do it at a members. but i told mcgary that i don´t think i´ll skype you guys, we can try, but i´d rather just be safe than sorry.
it´s super hott here all the time lol. actually this morning was freezing! it rained all night. but the days are still super hott.
we did have a cool experience with a member this week.   we had a really good spiritual talk with her. and she had to work that coming sunday, so she couldn´t come to church but in sacremet, after the sacrement, she walks in with her boyfriend! miracle!!! lol. but for real, she said that she just called in work to double check and they said her name wasn´t on the schedule anymore. so she came to church :) it was awesome.
other than that, it was normal. just working! and it´s my last week maybe, so i´m bringing my camera with me to all of the good families and taking pics with them.
well i beter go. love you guys!!!

chao chao

elder garnder

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