Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Friday, November 4, 2011

Hi Everyone, there were transfers this week so Rhet’s pday was Thurs. instead of Monday so that’s why this email is coming to you later.

Hey guys!!

week number five almost complete! whoa, so quickly. I had ice cream today for the first time. mmmmmmmm 
can´t even describe it. it´s so good. I really like the food here. it´s so simple, and reallllly good. it´s all pretty healthy too. even the cow tongue :)  yeah we have our baptisms in three days. they´re both really excited. they´re going to be amazing members of the church.

you guys better get having some fun!!!! lol and get it down good for when i get back :) we´ll have a blast. i´m trying to think of fun things to do with you guys when you are here, and where i want to take you guys. i´m thinking i want to bring you to san fran. it´s just weird thinking about that lol. i heard the coast is amazing. i hope one of my areas are in the coast. i´m thinking even i don´t end up serving there, i´ll want to take you there. i hear it´s amazing. google pinamar and tell me what you think, and santa teresita. i think that´s how it´s spelled. elder mcgary spent a year of his mission in santa teresita. he has so many beautiful pictures from there.

vernal sounds beautiful right now. i miss it. i don´t get a fall this year! it´s still spring here. it´s warming up week by week. there´s a lot of wind from the ocean that blows in. it´s always windy. plus no mountains to catch it so i´t gets pretty strong.
that sounds like fun to go to kc for thanksgiving. usually there are families that know it´s "el dia de gracias" for us yankees and they will invite us over for a nice dinner. but other than that i´t´s just another day of work for us! we get two days off in the year besides pdays, and that´s christmas and new years. every other day is a normal work day.

things are going great. we have our baptisms that we´re all excited for. on monday i´ll email pictures of the baptism and stuff. and other pictures too. 
i think that sums up the week! i get to email again monday, so reply quickly :) and if i miss anything i´ll write back soon. love you guys!!!

love ya!

elder gardner

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