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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


lol well the water.. yeah it makes us sick, but it´s already happened, so we just drink it now. we try to avoid it as much as possible.  my stomach will not be the same again lol i can´t assure that. but it´s fine, all part of the experience. food is great! it´s so good. i love it. it´s not too different, but still very different. it´s all fresh, and they don´t flavor it with much so it´s good and you can taste the flavors of the real food instead of just what you put on it. like potatoes? they´re pretty darn good with out so much ranch and bacon bits smothering them lol. 
so we only see our misison pres for interviews that´s all. we have interviews this week i think. 

elder mcgary and i get along well. we´re both opening up a lot more. we´ll be together for at least 12 weeks for the training program. and this is his last area. so i´m his last companion. he leaves the beginning of january. 
yeah we just sleep in the sleeping bag. it´s hot though so i just use the sheet. there are bugs, but not an outrageous amount. i assume as it continues to warm up there will be a lot more. it´s not bad right now though. the other day was super hot. and it´s not even dead summer, with the humidity yet lol. whoo it´ll be hot. 
i´m glad you guys are going to kc!! i´m jealous. i miss everyone supder duper much. like crazy. 

i´m doing well. still trying to work out how to do emails and stuff. sorry this one isn´t too much informative. i´ll be better next week.
there´s lots of rain, adn mud a lot. and things are going pretty well. the work is hard, people are great.  
i love and miss you guys so much!!! i´ll be a lot better next week, promise :)


elder gardner

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