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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Hey everyone!
whew, this past couple of days have been crazy!!!! our two baptisms yesterday went great. I forgot that you have to say the persons name when you are baptising, so I forgot that, then got freaked out because I messed up. It took about 4 tries to get the words right ;) but after that everything went smoothly. on saturday we had the zone leaders come do interviews  and we got a call from another elder that said someone ran up to him and he wants to speak to missionaries. but he lives in our area so he told them we´d come. good thing we had the zone leaders so we could do splits and make it to all of our appointments plus go visit them. well long story short, the contact turns out to be someone that is VERY prepared to hear our message.

 one funny thing that they love, is that a person gardener in spanish is jardinero. so i tell everyone i´m elder jardinero. they love it. they always laugh and when they see me OH!!! JARDINERO! lol it´s great. we also had another investigator come and watch the baptism. oh! also, we took out ANTHER baptism date with another investigator. so we took out 10 this week lol. and had 10 attend church. the mission standard is 2 new dates a week, and 5 attending sacrement. so yeah, we´re doing awesome.
well elders smoot and lopez got robbed last night. it was kind of a crazy story. the people were drunk, but there were a lot of them. the only thing they took was 50 pesos and then elder smoots annointed oil. weird right? they took their backpacks at first too but they looked inside and only saw scriptures so they gave it back. but yeah, they´re in a very tranquilo area too. crazy!
we have family home evening tonight. hopefully we have 2 investigators come to this, that´d make a perfect night!! and for peggy, just give her the mission home address. it´s safe. and we get mail about once a month. and they get sent about once a month and it takes about a month. so it could take up to two months for me to send letters and to arrive to it´s destination lol.
we don´t carry pepper spray lol.
did you get my pictures? i sent like 6 in an email. i hope they sent!!! if not, i´ll have to figure something else out to do. i´m getting letters ready to send out to friends so let them know if about a month.... lol. i might write some stuff and then type it and have you email it. that´s about all from the last 4 days!! jam packed.
i love you guys!! talk to you next monday.


elder jardinero

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