Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Wow! Time is going so quickly here, I can't believe it. Yeah! That's funny you saw Casey and Christy Hughes in SLC. He told me he saw you guys too. I always see someone from Vernal at the Gateway, EVERY time lol. It's so weird. I laughed so hard when you said Gracy said "Rhet's on his mission" it was my favorite. And it's so weird to hear Rhet! All I hear is Elder Gardner It's weird to call people by their first names. SO yeah! I heard the same thing about the calling card. The week before, they sell them at the book store, so I'll just go in the week before And I should get my travel plans next week if my visa is all in order. And right now it's kind of random! Three girls in an advanced spanish district went to the same Consul meeting as me, and one has their visa and is in Argentina, the other two are serving in St. George until theirs come. BUT they were advanced, so they were only here for 3 weeks, we've been here for 6 and 2.5 left so we should be safe. When I know the travel plans I'll let you kn ow ASAP. 3-way calling would be fun, but I don't even know if I'll be able to call. It should be able to happen, but that's only if we have long wait time between flights at airports. And if everything is smooth. If not, it might not happen just a heads up. But I want to talk to you guys So I'll try my best. THe tape thing might be a cool idea! But I would want to talk to Tiff, Nick, and Coco too. But whatever we can work out, I'll be grateful for.

Yesterday during class, they paged Elder Wadman in my district to the travel office, he is going to the Domincan Republic, and he came back and said they told him he was leaving that night at 11:40 for the DR MTC! WHOA! We were all shocked. Sister Schillemat the other sister in our district that left 3 weeks ago for the DR mtc, but he wasn't supposed to. So he was rushing everywhere, and then they called him back in and said just kidding! Lol I guess the MTC President called here and said that an elder didn't show up, so he called the MTC pres here and said send Elder Wadman TONIGHT. Then the other Elder showed up or something. But elder wad got to talk to his parents twice! Lol it was funny.

Yeah I should get a new companion in Argentina and then I'll get a new one every transfer. They just consider the MTC as a 'transfer;'. I haven't had time to get a companion picture taken. We're so busy here and I didn't get the message for that until tuesday because of labor day weekend and the mail and stuff. BUT we are taking it today, and I'll go get one printed soon and then mail it. We can't email pictures here because all we can do is email and language study on the computer.

I hope the shop gets finished for you guys soon! It has felt like a long time.

SPanish is still coming. I kind of feel like I've hit a plateau. But that's okay. I'm still working, and looking forward to being in Argentina and improving that way. only 2.5 weeks left! Hopefully! Lol I'm getting anxious to get out of ehre. I like it, but it's hard to be in a confined area for this long! Especially when I'm used to at least leaving a city at least once a month. lol. It's hard sometimes.

Dad! I'm glad the elk scouting is coming a long, and that Rod won't give you bullets He's lookinng out for me. I'm expecting a 6X7 hanging in the shop when I get home.

I can't believe Gracy is already in Preschool! That's not allowed. Tiff, Nick, and Cor always say it's weird that I'm in college, and stuff but now I really understand! That is soooo weird to me that she is starting preschool.

Levi Watkins was supposed to get here yesterday, I'm still looking for him. I see Layken, Shellie, and Katie Palmer allll the time. It's fun to see familiar faces. They all say hi and give you virtual hugs back.

Things here are feeling really repetitive, and a lot of the learning and stuff has taken place, so now I'm just anxious to apply it. And actually get to Argentina. NOthing really amazing new. I'm so thankful for Pdays and sunday/tueday devotionals. It seems like Thurs/Sund/tues are break days throughout the week. THe spirit is so strong those days because of the temple, and devotionals. We always have great speakers. We have the 70 here a lot. It's really cool.

Today I did sealings for the first time in the temple. It was really cool to be a part of. There was a spanish speaking sister participating also so we got to talk for a second. I'm really anxious to be immersed in the language. well, I better go! I miss you guys a lot! Think of you often . Thanks so much for the package!

Love you!

Elder Gardner

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