Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Hey Guys!!
SO I have officially started packing! I'm probably going to be sending you a package with things I've found aren't a necessity to send back to you. I just can't take the risk of being over weight. So things That I don't NEED I'm sending to you. Overweight fees for this trip are $350 a bag. So I REALLY need to make weight lol. I have faith it will all work out Packing is a pain, but I'll deal. Plus they are redoing like 3 buildings here, and so they are moving/closing the book store this weekend, right when I'm trying to pack. So I'm packing today because if I need anything I'm out of luck. I think I'm going to get a back pack here to have my back back/shoulder bag for all my heavy books and things and then an extra change of clothes/ my tooth brush and stuff in case my luggage gets lost. And then I'll be sending stuff home, so I should make weight. We leave in only 4 days! And I'll be at my mission home in 5 I'm so excited! Argentina won't know what hit it. And calling should work out! Thanks for the numbers. And my phone card I think I told you is collect, but it's pretty cheap. Sorry! If i could have gotten one that was just a certain amount of minutes, I would have. But they only have the collect ones here. Well it's not realy collect, but it's like a 35 cent fee plus 1 cent for every minute. So it's really not that bad.
This week was eventfull! The TRC was so fun. It was our first TRC that was 40 minutes (a lot longer than our usual 20 minute lessons) and was about revelation through prayer. We usually get returned missionaries to volunteer, but this week we got a mother and daughter from Peru! So it was really fun having native speakers. And I could understand most of it But Argentines speak VERY differently, so I'm looking forward to hear that. OH! SO the October ensign is a special Book of Mormon edition, like the Jesus Christ one a while back. And the First presidency of the church gave all the missionaries a copy before it came out. It's SO amazing. You guys definitely need to read it. I assume it's out by now, or soon will be. But we had ANOTHer apostle come and speak! Lol we are so lucky. Elder Nielson came to speak about the Book of Mormon and the ensign issue. He is so funny. I'm loving this spiritual high! We also had a sister in our district, Hermana Eversole, get a pretty bad health concern. So they sent her home to get surgery. Sad! But she can return after it's all taken care of. But she had a hard time with being here anyway so maybe it's God's way of saying thanks for your effort and diligence, but you are needed for something else. It's awesome that God works like that. Yesterday we got to host too! Like when I got here and a missionary came and took my bags and showed me around and where to go and stuff, that's what I got to do. It was fun! It was especially fun to see the differences of families emotions. Some families were balling their eyes out, some missionaries were running from their families, and some were just all happy and so proud of their children. It was a really fun experience. So this week we have orientation tomorrow all day, and saturday is a different schedule too, and Sunday we just have like mission conference for fast sunday, and then more orientation about the field. So we're pretty much finished here! Wow! That is so weird to me.
Well I love you guys! Thanks for everything. After Friday no need to Dearelder me to Provo because I won't get it. Usually the ones after Friday, or Saturday don't get printed until monday afternoon, and I leave! So tonight, is probably the last time you can write to me until I get to Argentina. I'll call ya on monday! Sometime between 10-2 or 6:20-9:50 PM. And We'll see who I can call and stuff.
Love ya!,
Elder Gardner

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