Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Hey all! Things are going well. I got the Drivers license and my debit card :) no worries. And the gum! Love it! It's sort of not allowed, but it's the best present ever. Also I got your other package today. Thank you SO MUCH! Best day ever. Also. I found my glasses cleaner and other scriptures marker stuff, so no worries. It was just burried deep in my luggage so I couldn't find it. So I see Lakyn tons! And I saw Shellie today, and Katy Palmer. Still looking to See Levi Watkins though. I see a ton of people from EFY over my years, but I only recognize faces.   I'm doing A LOT better teaching. I don't use notes anymore, and I just listen to the Spirit about the things I need to teach. I just study material during my personal study and then have all of this material and piece it together as we teach. We've started practice teaching too before we teach so that helps. Sad Pearl Preece died! We all loved her.
Gracy is sooo funny. I love hearing all the stories everyone tells me. I get stories from you, nicky, and amber. I love it :) I wish I could talk to her on the phone! :( She's going to be so big when I get back. I love all the cookies! I don't have a favorite, so no worries :) ANd thanks for always sending stuff! I love it.
I'm glad you guys are getting stuff done at gpas. That's nice of Nicky to grab stuff for me, she's the best. I'm half way through! Actually more than that! We leave sept 26. NO flight plans yet, they usually come the week before. But it's changed from the 27 to the 26 so I think that it will stay that day. SO they actually tell us that there aren't "any rules" about calling the family in the airport on our traveling days. Our branch presidency kind of hinted that we should if we have the means and are able to make it happen. So you might be getting a call on the 26! I'll let you know when my flight plans are so you can know when to be prepared.
Dad, you better find a huge elk. Don't settle. I'm not missing out so you can settle for a wimpy bull! :) Not being there, makes me really want to be there :)
I hope your hip is better mom!
Sorry this letter is jumbled. There is NO time to fix corrections lol.
Spanish is improving! I love it. Some days I get really frustrated, but that's life. I'm seeing huge improvement so that's all that matters. I've started comparing the BOM in spanish to english and that's really helped. We also got a new branch president because our old one is going to be the new temple president in Costa Rica! Whoa right? They're both great men, our old and new pres. We also got a new teacher becavuse school started. I like our old one better, he was an aamzing teacher.
Elder Holland actually came and spoke at our Tuesday devotional. WOW! I've never heard a member of the 12 or 1st pres speak before. It was life changing. I definitely understand the importance of a mission. It was like the coolest experience of my life. He is an amazing person. He gave so much great advice. Maybe i'll write a letter and send it to you guys with some info cause I have no more time lefrt!
Gotta go!
Love you guys
Elder Gardner

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