Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Hey everyone!
HOw's everything going??
So I got a calling card. It pretty much does collect to the house and is a 35 cent flat rate and then 1 cent every minute after taht.. I hope that's okay. Or it's 5 cents a minute. Whichever one I choose. I figured it'd be okay. I hope I'll get time to call you guys!
Peaches sound amazing. Are they Grand Junction peaches? Those are the best.. Elder Anderson is from Colorado and we talk about Grand Junction peaches all the time
We were supposed to get our travel plans today taht's why my email is so late. We wanted to wait until the last second just incase we got our plans later in the day. So taht means we'll either get them tomorrow, tonight, or our visas aren't in yet. I hope everything is going okay still.
I'm glad you guys have gotten the oppurtunity to scout for elk! You guys better get a good one Are you having fun? I'm sure the bears wwont'harm you. Jazzy is there in spirit.
I haven't picked a favorite scripture yet:/ hopefully they're okay with waiting for a bit. I'll think hard I want to pick a REAL good one.
Tiff said it's Gpas birthday. Will you tell him happy birthday from me? And tell him a letter is on it's way with some pictures. I'm just waiting for the pictures to print.
And the same for your pictures. I got yours this afternoon so I'll send thim first thing in the morning. I hope that's soon enough for you. I tried to get them to you quickly, it's just we have no time to do things around here.
I've been sick for about a week and a half now. It sucks. Bad sore throat, headache, cough, and chest crap. I went to the doctor today cause I can't hack it anymore and he pretty much told me sorry! It's viral. So now I have to pay 25 dollars for some cough syrup. Perfect! lol. I just went, cause if it is something serious, I didn't want it to effect my travel date. People who get sick around their departure have to wait a couple days or weeks, and I just want to get out of here! Lol. It's a great place, but 7.5 weeks is a long time in this small compound.
Could you send me in a dearelder everyone's phone numbers? Just in case I can/want to call people at the airport. Like Nick's, Tiff's, Coco's, Dad's. Ask them what number they want me to call at. Like Coco and Dad if they want me to call their work one. Or if you want to three way, I don't know but if I can have them just inc ase that'd be great!
Elder Ballard spoke this last tuesday. It was a real treat. I'm sure getting fed spiritually here! It's kind of a record people don't usually get to hear 1 let alone 2 apostles during their stay. So I'm lucky!!! Love it. We also got a special devotional on 9/11. It was really good. We got to watch some videos, and rememberence videos and then a great talk by our MTC president.
I sure am getting ancy to leave! Getting travel plans will be a blesssing because it'll be tangible evidence that I get to leave and actually start my mission soon! 1.5 weeks
I got pics printed, so I'll be sending that to everyone soon too
I love you all so much!!
Elder Gardner

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