Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Monday, June 17, 2013


Hey family!!!!


Things are going pretty well. All about the same. This week we got robbed haha. But nothing happened, they just ran up, reached in our pockets are grabbed everything, and then ran away. I yelled at them when they ran away and told them to at least give me my travel card back. And they did! Haha. Plus after they took out all of my comps money they gave him back his wallet. So at least they were courteous robbers! All they took from me was my wallet, with two pesos (about 30 cents USD) and the mission phone. One of them told the other one to give me back my wallet to me, but I think he liked it because he didn`t want to give it back lol. It did have a copy of my passport info, but I doubt they are smart enough to do anything with that. I want to go to the temple super bad... it`s been since january i think was the last time. And before that, it was the mtc!!! crazy... yeah i will be exhausted with my travel info... but I will be excited too. I think I`m traveling alone because everyone else told me that they are flying into georgia first. so that will be weird. I`ve never flown alone. I am excited for summer! More than anything, I`m excited to wear summer clothes. Shorts, t shirts, and flip flops... lol. Although I am used to church clothes 24/7, it will feel super good. is it hot out there? That`s good cadin is starting in on the singles ward stuff. Is he going to nauvoo? How many people are going?? I`m getting excited for that as well. That will be fun. I`m excited to see everyone! It`s been a long time... 2 years!! I`m thinking about jobs and everything now. Trying to figure stuff out. I want to be able to use spanish! What jobs do you think there are in vernal to use spanish. I`m sure there are several. 


Well love you guys! Just know I`m okay, and Im being taken care of. :)


Elder GArdner

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