Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Monday, May 27, 2013


Hey family! How is everything going? All is well here on this side of the hemisphere. It´s actually a really nice day today! GLOBAL WARMING!!!! Haha jk. Tell grandma and grandpa thank you so much, and that they really need to stop!!!!! 

I got a surpirse this week! My comp is going to the temple on friday so I am going back to my old area with the office elders to work while he is in the temple. So they are going to take me to my old converts house for my birthday :) That is going to be the best birthday present ever!!! I´m so excited to see them. 

So yesterday our stake that we are in had a special conference with Elder Cook. It was amazing! And on wednesday he is having a special one with all the missionaries in the buenos aires area. It´s going to be an awesome week! I can´t wait. My comp is getting really excited to see his family. 

Sooooo many weddings! Who is dallin marshall getting married to? 

A tip for food... I want a lot of veggies and fruits... that is something I have missed a lot here. PWEEEESE!!!!!

Wow the new bishopric sounds awesome :) That´s so amazing for them both. They are both super awesome, and will do wonders for the ward. What is biship Vernon´s new calling? Does he have a new one? Who is all in the stake presidency? I knew about pres mcclellan, but who are his counselors? 

Not too much to say. I love you guys! and I am doing well :) I am being taken care of, and I´m not hungry!!! Too much cookies and chocolate milk..... :) 


Love you guys.


Elder Gardner

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