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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Hey family! So we just talked last night.. lol but it was nice to see you guys. I can`t wait to be with you guys in person. But you`re going to have to wait, I still have some work to do here. :) 8 more weeks. You all looked so good. Even Barkley. He looked good too :) The kids are all super huge! I can`t believe it. Gracy was talking so much, and so well! Sheesh. Baileywas so cute, super shy but she said the funniest things. Ryder was devouring the cheetos while tiff was talking to me, she said he was taking advantage of her not watching him. haha. 

This week we had a lot of mircles happen! It was awesome. They`re always little things, but the Lord blesses us right when we need it. It`s amazing. 

Todaywehave a zone activity, we`re going to watchf inding nemo :) Can`t wait!!! It`s been a long time since I`ve seena movie. I`m excited to have two years of movies to catch up on :)

That is crazy about the weddings... Especially Jordan Evans!!! Lol. Hannah Haslem  is the one that had cancer when she was younger right?

Tell gammy and papa that I love them, and it was good to see them. 


Well, not too much has happened since lastn ight :) Love youguys!


Elder GArdner

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