Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Monday, April 8, 2013


Hey family!


So yeah, there have been tons of floods out here. La Plata is like destroyed! All of conference we were gathering food and clothes for the people over there. I´`m  sure the elders in La Plata are helping out with the actual clean up, but us over here aren`t doing anything in la plata. 

Conference was awesome. I watched it all in spanish this time. 

Lizard rock sounds awesome right now!!! Haha. That was a funny april fools prank :) 

Over here things are going well! I started getting sicker, so I called the doctor and he said i have another sinus infection, so I got on some more meds, and I`m feeling better. All is well! 

This last week was crazy! We are starting to drop a lot of people because they aren`t progressing at all... so yeah. This week will be a lot of looking for new people, and dropping old people. 

My big goal right now is I want to read the BOM before I go home, but do it in spanish. It`s super cool! I have leanred a lot of cool stuff and it`s a whole different perspective. I am almost finished with Mosiah, so I am right on track and should finish in plenty of time. I don`t think I`m going to finish the bible before I get home though... I also wanted to do that, but oh well. I can get that when I get home. 

I`m starting to look for stuff to give to people, and I`m not sure what I want to give people.

Today, I`m going to try to send pictures! So hopefully you will get another email :) 

Hope all is well family!!!! 


Love yaA


Elder Gardner


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