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Monday, April 22, 2013


Hey family!!!!

For USU Don´t worry about it, I´ll handle everything when I get home. I don´t want to deal with that stuff while I´m out here, plus I´ll have all the time in the world when i get home :) Thanks for the offer though. If things don´t work out like they should, it´ll be for a reason, and I can go in JAnuary. I´m not rushed. 

The cows names shall be.. Alma and Amulek in the honor of missionaries everywhere :) And yes letters go to the same address.

Today was trasnfers. My companion and I are staying together. He´s going home this transfer! 6 weeks, and then 6 weeks after, I will be home! Crazy... Today a couple elders´ families came to pick them up. It was really funny because the elders all give their last testimonies, and one elders´ parents had gotten lost and hadn´t showed up yet, and during his testimony they showed up and walked up to the front row, you should have seen his face! It was soo funny. HE was just giving his parents then he just lights up and is like and there are my parents!!!! 

This last week went well. i learned a lot of good things. Important things. I still have 3 months, and I´m going to finish strong. This ward is amazing, and they really help out the elders. There is a lot of work here, so no complaining on my part. My only hope and prayer is that I can be the tool the Lord need for these people. That I am intune with the spirit enough to know how to help them. THat´s all missionary work is. It´s not how good of a teacher you are, or how much people like you. It´s when there are doubts, or people aren´t doing what they need, that you have the powers of heaven on your side to tell you what you need to do or say. That´s why being sanctified is key. 

It´s gotten hot again here these last couple of days. I am dying! I am not a person that likes the heat... I SOOOO prefer the cold to the hot. 

I just looked at the u of u website, and it´s only a 3.7 GPA for full tuition! So I´m even closer than I thought. And for USU they have one that is close, for a 3.6-3.79 gpa for 6,000 dollars. but only for fall semester. So either way I´m probably going to go to USU uintah basin for a while until my GPA is higher. I want at least a 3.7 

It´s crazy to see friends coming home already. And especially elders here that are my friends that leave is weird. I keep knowing less and less elders! the next traanser and the transfer that I go home are the two largest groups. Between the two groups, 49 elders and hermanas are going home. That is 1/4 of the mission! And the problem is that we aren´t receiving any new visas... :/ so this transfer they had to close down a lot of areas.... Another elder (one of my comps) HAs decided to come to utah for school. He wants to go to the u of u as well. But it´s super expensive for international students, so he wants to come live with me until he has residency and then apply. AHha I told him he is welcome! He is the one from Cancun who´s parents came a couple weeks ago and took us to dinner. 

Well family, love you lots! And we´ll talk next week :)


Elder Gardner

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