Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Monday, April 1, 2013


Hey family!


So today has been crazy... I hate holidays in Argentina... it´s terrible. They shut everything down, so it´s impossible to do anything. And besides that, every other day is a holiday here because no one wants to work. So I´m already late, and don´t have any time, so i´m going to keep it short.

Things are going well! We have a ton of work here... as of right now we have 24 people with baptismal dates, and from the last two weeks we have 21 new investigators. Things are hopping here! We baptized yesterday, a lady named _______. She´s really quiet, but she was super excited to get baptized. I didn´t know if she was going to be ready or not, but last week at the stake conference, she traveled by herself 40 minutes to go watch it! So that was the determining point for me, and I could see she was willling to put in her part. And she completely changed her life aroung, so that is awesome. 

________, (the last baptism) got sick today because she went with the youth to southern Argentina on a youth trip, so she didn´t come to church and wasn´t able to get confirmed... that´s a bummer because now she has to wait two more weeks. 

Our closest family to baptism right now is really struggling.  They love the church, and love the lessons, but never can come to church. So that sucks, and is a problem for us... we´ll see what we can do about that. 

There is never enough time as a missionary. I´m busier than i was before! I don´t think I can ever complete anything I need to, not one thing completely. It´s terrible but there just isn´t enough time. We need like a secretary or something for each companionship. That would be useful. 

Well sorry, but I´ve got to go, we have a cita right now!!!




Elder Gardner


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