Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Rhet hasn't been receiving the dear elder letters since he has been in Argentina, hopefully they will catch up soon.  So feel free to send him emails at in the meantime.  Things are going well with his companion.  He is a little shy, but Rhet says he has been a bit too but is breaking out and talking a lot more and having more discussions.  They teach together well.  He has had problems with blisters and all of the walking, but finally is starting to feel better.  His spanish is improving, he says it's still hard to understand people, but it's getting better.  He says his apartment is good and the food is great.  They have crackers or grab something quick for breakfast and they usually eat lunch with a member, and usually don't eat dinner due to being busy or still being full from a big lunch.  He says that's common to not eat dinner.  They get served potatoes with boiled eggs and mayonnaise a lot.  They have a baptism scheduled for the 22nd and he is excited.  A problem they run into a lot is people living together, so it is something they have to work on with a lot of people.  He says it takes about a month and a lot of money to get married there, so a lot of people aren't married.  They had a fun pday.  About 6 of the missionaries made tacos, about 48 for the 6 of them and they were good.  

He seems to be doing well!  All missionaries love hearing from friends and family, feel free to write him at

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