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Monday, March 4, 2013


Hey family!!!

So this last week was a long one, and a short one. ha ha. All of our investigators dropped us, or we dropped them. So that was kind of a bummer... But we still have a good view of things and aren`t dragging our feet at all. The week went super quickly! I have no idea why, but it just flew. I spent a couple of days doing missionary exchanges with my district, so that could be why. But it was fun! On saturday, we got together as a zone to help one of our companionships find new investigators by doing a ¨white storm¨ and just all going to their area and doing contacts for the whole day. They got 41 references :) I think they`ll have some work to do for next week :)

Elder Siler and I are doing well. He is super awesome, and is a great elder. He really helps me a lot. This is the last week of the transfer though, and I kind of feel like I`m leaving. I only have three trasnfers left, so if I don`t leave this trasnfer I`ll probably die here with 9 months in the area. Or I could leave this trasnfer and have 4.5 months in Adrogue, and 4.5 months in the new area. Who knows though, just depends on what Pres thinks! Next trasnfer, 29 people leave the mission, including president and his wife,and 2 senior couples. Then the trasnfer after, when I leave, another 20 leave. So yeah, like 1/4 of the whole mission is leaving in two months! Crazy. There will be a lot of changes with new missionaries, and a new president! I will be with the new president for 15 days lol. The only time I will see him is my exit interview lol so that will be a little weird.

The economic inflation is kind of hard right now on the missionaries. Everything is like 3x`s the prise as when I gothere. I bought a bag of bread today and it was 16 pesos, and 4 bananas was 14 pesos. It is crazy. A bag of milk (milk is in one liter bags here) is 7 pesos. It`s rediculous! I bought sandwhiches today for us four elders, and then dessert to make for our activity on friday, and it was 200 pesos! That sucks a lot when we are only allocated 800 pesos a month. But supposedly atthe end of this month we will be getting a raise :)

Wow, I can`t wait to be able to drive again, and have a car... When I first got here taking the bus andtrain was cool and fun, and exciting because it was something new. BUT now itjust takes up SOOOOOOOOOOOO much time... it`s rediculous... Just going shopping takes soooo much time because you have to wait for the bus, go shopping, and then wait for another bus, and take it back. It takes like 2 hours. You guys will notice that when you get here! We`ll be traveling like an Argentine :)

Well I love you guys a lot, and I hope you are all doing well :) Talk to you next week!

Elder Gardner

PS Thanks Dad for handling that stuff! That helps a lot :)

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