Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hi everybody!  Yesterday was a wonderful day taking Rhet to the MTC.  Rick, Corinne, Nick, Gracy, Rhet and myself all went to lunch at Mimi's Cafe and watched another missionary walk in with his family.  They were seated back to back with us and I overheard them talking about Argentine food so I walked around and asked them if they would mind if I asked where their son was going.  Strangly enough it was Rhet's exact mission and he was checking into the MTC 15 min. after Rhet.  His name was Janson McQuivey (spelling?) and he was from Boston.  What are the odds!  After Nick and I shed a tear or two we were so mind boggled over the greetings at the curbside dropoff from host missionaries.  They cheered as we drove by for about a quarter of a mile and as soon as we stopped the car they opened our doors and shook our hands, took Rhet's luggage and whisked him away.  As we drove off with tears in our eyes, there was still a line of young men waving till we turned the corner.  I'm always mind boggled at how the Lord takes care of every detail for every one of His children.  I feel such gratitude for a son who chose this experience and that I get to be a part of it.  How do you thank your child enough?  Love ya son!  I also feel such gratitude for all of you who have been such a support.  Thank you!

When we got home, there was an email from a volunteer at the MTC saying she met Rhet, he was doing fine and told her to tell me he loved me.  Again, they take care of every detail.  I joined an ldsmissionarymoms email group and have received about 9 emails from moms of missionaries in his same mission.  Apparantly there's a volcano in Chile and the ash is blowing into the Buenos Aires airport and causing flights to be cancelled.  That was an interesting detail I learned from those emails I didn't know. 

I still haven't heard a word from Rhet.  I check my email every chance I get.  When I hear, I'll post it.  Still waiting.......................

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  1. Oh, how I feel for you. Our son is returning home this week from the Bahia Blanca Argentina Mission. It will go by fast, eventually. Until then cry all you want and enjoy the emails that come. It truly is great to be a missionary mom.

    Best Wishes,
    Stacie Wartena
    Elder Wartnea 7/09-7/11